Installation, maintenance and setting of complex systems for industry especially in chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical industry



Low voltage

Medium voltage

Paper industry

Fiber optic drafting and heading

Tool Calibration

Skilled technicians in the calibration of precision tools such as flow meters, pressure switches, temperature probes, level meters.

Low and medium voltage

Resin and oil Transformers, medium voltage cell maintenance and supply, insulation.

On Board Panels and Wiring

Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, MCC boards, boards control, power control and distribution, wiring.

Electric panels in resin, steel, with modular board, explosion-proof, watertight, synoptic boards, for data networks and telephone, HV and MV disconnecting switches.

Transformers oil treatment

Chemical and dielectric analysis and treatment of transformers oil with specific machine (see photo below)

Fiber Optic

- Cable laying

- Creation of corporate and industrial networks

- Header and certification

- Failure analysis